नया साल 2023: नये साल की शुभकामनाएं 2023 | New Year 2023: Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year 2021: the world steeped in New Year celebrations, India welcomes 2021 in the style of Corona's restrictions

Happy New Year 2021: the world steeped in New Year celebrations, India welcomes 2021 in the style of Corona's restrictions

The whole world is immersed in the celebration of the new year. With 12 o'clock in the clock, the new year (Happy New Year 2021)  started in the country. Along with this, people made fireworks to welcome the new year. Earlier in many countries of the world welcomed the New Year with celebrations and fireworks. All people departed 2020 in their own ways and are looking forward to the new year 2021 with hopeful eyes. 2020 has been very challenging for the world. Now 2021 is being seen with hope. The New Year is being celebrated at different times all over the world. New Year 2021 has first entered the Arctic country Tonga. There have also been knocks in New Zealand and Australia.

At the same time, a ban has been imposed in many states of the country to prevent mass gathering of people on the occasion of New Year in view of Kovid-19. State governments have imposed curfews as a precaution. However, the country has decreased in terms of corona. The number of infected also decreased.

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Delhi: Gurudwara Bangla Sahib decorated with light.

In view of New Year celebrations, a large number of security forces have been deployed at Connaught Place, Delhi. Night curfew will continue in the capital today (December 31) and on January 1.

- Khan Market area of New Year's capital on the eve decorated with colorful lights.

- Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station and BMC building in Maharashtra were seen shining like this. However, this year in Maharashtra, due to Corona virus, it has not been allowed to celebrate as before.

In Goa too, people have started preparing for the new year. On the evening of the day before the New Year, people appeared enjoying the beach.

- New year has also arrived in Australia. People are celebrating and making fireworks in many places across the country.

- New Year 2021 has knocked in New Zealand. New year was welcomed by fireworks across the country.

- 2020 is considered to be the most negative due to the corona virus, many people say that the whole year has worsened due to corona. So now people have high hopes from 2021. The special wait of 2021 is also because in the new year people can also get the gift of the name of Corona Waxan. In fact, it is expected that with the start of new year in India, Kovid-19 vaccine can be given to Indians.

Curfew in
Odisha on the night of 31 December The Odisha government has decided to impose curfew from 10 pm on Thursday night to prevent mass gathering of people on the occasion of Kovid-19. Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) PK Jena said that this ban will remain in force till 5 am on Friday. The SRC tweeted that the Odisha government is imposing curfew in the entire state from 10 am to 5 am. Common people are requested to cooperate. All necessary services and necessary operations will be allowed during the curfew. He called upon the people to follow the precautionary measures despite the impending decrease in new cases of Kovid-19 in the state.

No night curfew will be imposed in West Bengal. No night curfew will be imposed
on the eve of New Year in West Bengal, as the situation in the state is not adverse. The top official of the state told about this. West Bengal Chief Secretary Alapan Bandopadhyay said that the state government, however, would take every precautionary measure to prevent mass mobilization on the occasion. Bandopadhyay said that the current situation is not such that the night curfew should be imposed. He said on Wednesday, a few places in West Bengal are being organized for the New Year celebrations. If people follow the guidelines and safety regulations of Kovid-19 and cooperate with the police and administration, then the crowd can be avoided.

view of the celebrations, the Mumbai Police is on high alert in view of the celebrations being held on a vigilant New Year and steps have been taken to prevent any untoward incident and terrorist activities. An official gave this information on Thursday. On the eve of New Year, the official said that in view of the possibility of any untoward incident and to maintain law and order, about 35,000 policemen will be deployed on the streets of Mumbai. Mumbai Police spokesperson DCP S Chaitanya said, "We are very vigilant. Steps have been taken to prevent any untoward incident and possible terrorist activities on New Year.

Night curfew in delhi

In view of the corona in Delhi, the capital of the country, guidelines have already been issued regarding the celebration of the new year. On the eve of New Year, the traffic police and local police will be on the streets. Traffic cops have implemented some restrictions and route changes at major locations including Connaught Place. The entry of vehicles into Connaught Place will be restricted from 8 pm on 31 December. Parking space has been fixed. The routes are marked for drivers traveling to New Delhi railway station and other places.

Delhi Metro's Guidelines

To reduce congestion on New Year's Eve (31 December), the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has prepared a new guideline on Wednesday. According to the new guidelines of Delhi Metro, it will not be allowed to exit from Rajiv Chowk metro station after 9 pm on Thursday night. Delhi Metro has advised passengers to plan their journey according to the guidelines.

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