I'm growing long hair is that any way should I maintain it through cutting hair

I'm growing long hair is that anyway should I maintain it through cutting hair

Ever since I got my haircut in 2020 September, I immediately decided to grow my hair. It was a cascade that looked tattered, unkempt, short, and, apparently, I got tired of the same haircut, I wanted a change. So, I have been growing it for almost a year, at first, it was very difficult, I didn’t like the length of my hair, I didn’t like anything ... every day was ruined in the morning! Until in the spring, I found a master whom I trust (for now), and the results began to please. Everything in my life has changed since the day when the decision was made to grow it!


I'm growing long hair is that any way should I maintain it through cutting hair


Where I started:

1. Of course, the first thing is to imagine or even better find a photo of what you want, I have one, a photo of my dream haircut, which I look at on difficult days/weeks/months. This helps, by the way, to soberly assess the achievements. At the very beginning, it was difficult to imagine me in a new image, and for a long time did not believe looking at the photo that it would be the same for me, now after a year of growing, I am close to a dream. My dream is to grow a short crown, at least to the shoulder blades for an even cut.


2. Mood is the main thing. Desire and belief in yourself. I perfectly understand that a year is not so many centimeters of hair, considering that hair grows 1-1.5 cm per month. Also, a plan, such as haircuts, masks, and other care, will not hurt. My plan for the year is as follows: a haircut every 3-4 months, this is necessary, as if it were not a pity. Because unkempt hair is the worst thing, it will drive anyone to hysterics :), it is better to cut 1-2cm but walk with decent hair. But, most importantly, for the growth to remain, the master must respect your decision. Then I did oily masks and drank vitamins. Spring is a break, in summer I was carried away by gelatin shampoo and herbs. Oils (more precisely, residues) are still resting, maybe in winter, if necessary, I will continue.


3. Well, of course, this is the right way of life, food, sleep, fresh air, sports, and many other useful things. No diets and stress. I don’t say that I’m a fan of everything useful, but I gave up some bad habits, I don’t smoke for 5 years, I eat a lot of vegetables, fish, I learned to drink water, daily 1.5-2 liters. Sleep 8-9 hours and a lot of sports, all sorts of different things. It is impossible to lead a nocturnal lifestyle, my daughter is 3 years old. At the same time, I do not deny myself anything, I just observe the measure.


4. I am so interested in the health of my hair that oils have not passed by. I believe in their favor. Everyone knows burdock oil, it was the first, etc. I have a post who is interested - there. I was not lazy and did not miss, I tried to do a mask every time before washing my hair. What I just didn’t try, but to be honest, the growth wasn’t influenced by n-and-we-go. And I calmed down because the quality of the hair improved from the masks and the goal was to take care not of old and already regrown hair, but of new ones, which are still bulbs. Coconut has become my favorite, I have been using it since spring, almost every time I go to the sauna or pool, sometimes I leave it for the whole night and in the morning. This oil is the best of all oils, it prevents hair from swelling during the "head wash". Or, to put it simply, there is less stress for the hair, since washing + drying 2-3 times a week for hair is just stress!


5. I often bought care, thinking, ah, it will come in handy. Also, I had no idea about the type of my hair, I always thought that it was normal, colored hair. Now I know more about my hair, the master has put everything on the shelves for me and I buy only the care that my type needs. My hair turns out to be porous and prone to dryness. And I also learned that such hair should be dyed extremely rarely and carefully, respectively, only with high-quality and unstable dyes. So now, when buying care, I think about everything carefully, what kind of shampoo, balm, mask and so on. I choose a shampoo based on the condition of the scalp, masks, and balms for hair only. The main focus is on moisturizing and smoothing.


6. Partially connected organic or natural remedies. Everything suits me, but I can’t completely exclude professional means, and I don’t really want to. Everything suits me, although I have read plenty of horror stories about silicones, parabens, and other nasty things.


- My hair or soap always 2 times. The first time we wash off the surface dust/dirt, and the second time more shampoo and wash the scalp for a longer time.


- If the shampoo is medicinal/natural or organic, then I leave it on my head for a couple of minutes and then rinse it off.



7. The water is usually warm and rarely cool, I'm just a frost and can't take cold baths, but I try not to be hot. Also sometimes (if I remember) I rinse with cold water. In the summer I took up rinsing with herbs, I also try not to miss it, once a week, on the weekend I spoil the hairs with nettle infusion, for example.


- I also have a new way to wash my head and hair! I have been practicing it since May and I can say that it has changed the condition of my hair. Previously, I did not betray this value and always tried to thoroughly lather my hair. Now I apply shampoo only on the scalp, I try to touch the length itself as little as possible, I do not touch the skin with my nails, and in general, I massage very gently with the pads of my fingers, after which I go over the head with my palms and smooth it with my hair, as it were, towards the growing side of the hair. All the movements that I make are solely for hair growth. The foam that flows from the shampoo and rinses the ends is enough.


- After the shampoo, I wring out the excess water from the hair, sometimes if there is a small towel at hand, I gently blot it and move on to the next step.


- Masks I do once a week, rarely when 2. I always apply the mask after shampoo, but before balm. Here, too, everything is simple, the role of the balm is to close the scales. Therefore, if today I make a mask, then I use a light balm so as not to get "dirty" hair, and I can't stand the balm, literally 1-2 minutes, and wash it off.


If I don't use a mask, then I take a moisturizing or nourishing balm and keep it for 2-5 minutes.


- Masks and balms I apply only on the hair, retreat 5-10cm. Hand movements along with hair growth, as if pulling or stretching the product through the hair. You can say that I iron myself. I don’t hammer or rip my hair apart, I don’t pin anything, and I don’t use any tools. Only hands, or rather palms.


8. I stopped combing my wet hair. I used to do this, I confess, for this, I have a rare comb and the last purchase was a Tangle Teezer comb, which promises not to injure even wet hair, BUT I was always embarrassed by my superficial hair that did not lay smoothly, fluffed and stuck out from somewhere in different are long. I thought about it and stopped touching them until they were dry. In fact, it looks like this: I wash my hair, gently blot it with a towel, and pin it even more neatly into a free crab, on the top of my head, do my own thing, dye, etc. The hair dries up and I loosen it or dry it with a hairdryer if necessary, without combing, lower my head down and dry only the roots with my hands/fingers. The hair changed noticeably, became smooth and the reflection in the mirror was pleasing to the eye! I have been following this rule since summer.


9. I hardly use any accessories. I have them and I always buy something, but I just can’t get used to wearing them.


I don’t perceive the headbands at all, they begin to press behind my ears and my head hurts. Already for a year, I forgot about all the hairpins, especially the iron ones, they are merciless to the hair. But a lot of money was spent on them :)


I buy crabs that are weak, but what would they hold, with rounded teeth. In no way is anything heavy that pulls hair and hair down.


I try to buy elastic bands soft, fabric. Yes, my hair often looks boring, but for now, I am growing it out and trying not to injure it.


Sometimes I wear these headscarves.


10. I don't always use a hairdryer, but there are times when I need to! And then I always use styling products, I can't imagine drying on "naked" hair. I do not use an iron, although I have it. More precisely, I used to often, and straighten and make curls. Sometimes I use electric curlers, I bought them to replace the iron because the curls turned out to be gorgeous. I hold it for 5 minutes and get gorgeous waves or light volume.


Since the summer I decided to give up the hairdryer and see how the hair will behave. And what did I notice right away? The condition of the hair is very good, the ends are alive, the hair is shiny. In the summer it is easy to give up the hairdryer, how I will get out of the problem in the winter, I don’t know. In fact, it looks like this, I wash my hair and leave it to dry, apply oil (Moroccanoil), and when the hair is already dry I use Velcro curlers, they became my salvation (there will be a post). Hair dries quickly in summer.


Bottom line: 3 months have passed and I don't even think about cutting my hair, it lies perfectly and I don't see any cut or dry ends at all.


11. I never do hairstyles that require cool curls, feathers, invisibility, and a bunch of varnishes to fill this whole masterpiece on my head. For exceptional events only. I can't do that myself. I am especially horrified by the fleece, this is the last thing that you can do with your hair ... IMHO.


12. This summer I decided to prepare thoroughly for the summer, for sunbathing. Emphasis on moisturizers and SPF products. I have a Paul Mitchell spray with SPF 15 for hair, which I really liked, I took it to the sea in Italy, the weather was 32-35 all 10 days and my hair looked great upon arrival home. But this is not the merit of the spray, but of the oil, coconut, the very one from which I am still delighted! I smeared my hair every morning and we went to the beach, of course, I covered my hair under a scarf. Coconut oil helped me a lot, I soaked them in the sea and everyone knows that sea, saltwater is very useful, yes, but it also dries hair and skin, and the oil prevented the hair shaft from swelling. I can say one thing, it works 100%! Now coconut oil will be with me every summer, especially at sea.


Bottom line: Behind a few colors and highlights, but the quality of the hair has improved  Markedly. Now everything suits me and even makes me happy, my hair has grown back and the most difficult thing is behind me. Next year I am going to spend on keeping the length and their quality. My goal is not only long but also the quality and thickness of the hair.

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