The Parable of Pride and Humility

The Parable of Pride and Humility

Hal once a rich man in a luxurious carriage, which was carried by six thoroughbred horses bought in different countries. The carriage got stuck in a quagmire, and no matter how much the coachman whipped the horses, they could not budge. But then a peasant appeared on a cart, carried by a couple of horses, and easily drove through that very bog. The rich man was amazed and asked the peasant:

- What is the strength of your unsightly horses?

And he said to him:

- Your horses, although strong individually, are all different breeds. Each considers herself better and more thoroughbred than the other and tends in her own direction: you whip one, and the other only rejoices in this. And my horses are simple, of the same color: a mare with her foal. If you threaten one with a whip, the other makes every effort to help the one next to you.

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