Gujarat Lockdown: Gujarat HC directs weekend curfew and lockdown, state government will decide

Gujarat Lockdown: Gujarat HC directs weekend curfew and lockdown, state government will decide

Ahmedabad, Jagran Correspondent. In view of the situation of CoronaVirus Gujarat in Gujarat, the High Court has given instructions to impose Weekend Curfew and a three-day lockdown. The state government will decide after reviewing the direction of the court. In Gujarat, between 2.5 and 3 thousand infection cases are being reported every day.

The court's strict instructions to the government

During the ongoing hearing on the corona infection in the Gujarat High Court, where is the High Court that in view of the situation of corona in the state, a three-four-day lockdown and weekend curfew should be considered. The court has given strict instructions to the government in view of Corona cases in big cities of the state. The court has also said that there should be a complete ban on government, political, social, religious programs and events in the state. 


Corona is spreading fast

 It is worth mentioning that Coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly in the state after the elections in the metropolitan municipality district and tehsil panchayat elections in February-March only. The government is once again taking all necessary measures to curb the corona in the state, but in spite of this the number of cases is continuously increasing. While hearing the matter, the High Court has told the government not to take any kind of laxity and the need to impose a week and curfew and a lockdown of 3 to 4 days. 


High court expressed resentment

Chief Justice Vikram Nath and Bhargava Kariya have issued these instructions to the government, taking automatic cognizance of the situation of Corona infection in Gujarat. Expressing displeasure over the political programs, the court has said that the rally meeting and meetings should be stopped immediately. In the name of elections, the corona guideline is being torn apart from place to place in the state, due to which the High Court was seen very angry.


The state government has said to take a decision after reviewing on the direction of the court. It is important to note that in the coming days after the local body elections, the elections of Gandhi Nagar Municipal Corporation are also going on and many organizations including BJP Congress Aam Aadmi Party are also participating in it. Guidelines may also have to be followed in the election of Gandhinagar Metropolitan Municipality following the directions of the High Court.

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