Tireless dog

Tireless dog

ABOUTOne elder was asked how can a zealous Christian not be tempted when he is experiencing so many temptations: the world opposes him in every possible way, he sees monks returning to the world, realizes his own weakness, etc.?

The elder replied: “Let him imagine dogs chasing hares. When one of them sees a hare, immediately rushes after him - the others see only a chasing dog and at first they will also run after it, and then come back; the first dog that sees a hare chases alone until it catches it. She is not distracted from the goal by the fact that other dogs lagged behind, turning back; she looks neither at the rapids, nor at the thickets, nor at thorny bushes and, running through the thorns, is often wounded, but does not stop running. In the same way, the one who seeks the Lord Christ unswervingly strives for Him, overcoming all the temptations that he encounters, until he reaches the goal. "

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