Pouring cold water: nuances and details

Dousing with water: what's the use? How to douche properly in the morning? Pouring cold water: contraindications. Dousing in winter: nuances and details. Pouring cold water over the feet.

however, at the mere mention of this procedure, someone has a spasm somewhere in the solar plexus region. And for some, dousing has long become a useful habit. The ancient texts say that asceticism is poison, which then turns into nectar, and pleasure is nectar, which then turns into poison. And dousing with water is the very poison that is not pleasant to us at first, but then turns into nectar. Let's try to figure out how useful this procedure is for us and whether it is worth practicing dousing with water.

    Hardening by pouring cold water is one of the simplest healing methods. For this we do not need any special physical training or special conditions. All you need is a shower or a bucket of cold water. Such legendary scientists as Hippocrates, Avicenna, and Democritus wrote about the benefits of hardening by pouring in their writings. Is it really useful?

    According to the famous Russian scientist and physiologist I.A.Arshavsky, weak stress stimuli, in particular temperature drops, have a beneficial effect on human health. Thus, Arshavsky's studies show that a newborn copes well with temperature changes. The scientist cites the very moment of birth as an example: in the womb, the temperature fluctuates within 37 degrees, and after birth, the child gets into an environment with a temperature of 20-22 degrees, and the body copes with such a sharp drop in temperature. This means that this mechanism is thought out by nature.

    It is important to note that, from the point of view of the scientist, the healing effect occurs precisely in the case of a sharp temperature drop. But this impact, he said, should be short-lived. So, in his opinion, a sharp, but short-term change in temperature stimulates the nervous system and immunity. According to Arshavsky, the impact should last no more than two minutes. During this time, hypothermia does not occur, but the process of activation of the nervous and immune systems occurs.

    The most famous doctor in the Russian Empire, V. Zhuk, shared some interesting observations. In his book "Mother and Child", he refers to the observations of the zemstvo doctor. He claims that children who were baptized in cold water grow and develop much more harmoniously than those who were baptized in warm water. That is, the healing effect is observed even after a single practice of hardening the child. So, according to this zemstvo doctor, metabolism, hematopoiesis and immunity are improved. On the contrary, baptism in warm water, according to his observations, even brought more suffering to newborns. Paradoxically, they froze more in it, since the processes of thermoregulation did not start in the body. And the lack of the possibility of thermoregulation subsequently leads to diseases.

    Another Russian researcher, BS Tolkachev, in his book "Physical Culture Barrier of ARI" also shares similar reflections. According to him, neither the low temperature of the water, nor the duration of bathing can lead to a cold. For the child's body naturally starts the process of thermoregulation. According to Tolkachev, the idea of ​​hardening is this: the colder the water, the better for health. Before dousing, Tolkachev recommends doing physical exercises to prepare the body, and the dousing itself recommends starting with dousing the legs.

    Researchers M. Trunov and L. Kitaev in their book Ecology of Infancy. First Year ”recommend cold douches even for newborns. According to the authors, a child who is taught to hardening from the first days stops freezing, has a good appetite and an active metabolism.

    Thus, dousing helps to activate the nervous, circulatory, hormonal and immune systems. A sharp drop in temperature is a natural stress for our body, which mobilizes the strength of the body. In this case, you should not be afraid of the word "stress", because our body is designed for such stress, and it is under conditions of such stress that it begins to actively launch all human systems. In fact, any physical activity is also stressful. Muscle development occurs through their destruction during stress and subsequent growth. Here you can also recall three famous health conditions from Porfiry Ivanov, who is known for his experiments in health improvement: hunger, cold and physical activity.

    So how to directly implement this practice? It is best to do this in the morning, right after waking up. If we are talking about the soul, you should not stand under it with your head. We start by directing cold water to the stomach, to the navel, then to the lower back - this will allow the body to prepare for stress. After 20-30 seconds, you can direct the water to your shoulders and only then to your head. We pour cold water for a minute, then suddenly turn on hot water (within reason, burns will not add to our health), we also douche for a minute, then switch back to cold water.

    We do at least three such cycles, but in general, the more, the better. The main thing is to change the water temperature every minute, less is not enough, more is meaningless. Sudden temperature changes will activate the immune system, metabolism, release of hormones, you yourself will feel it. After this procedure, there will be a state of clarity of consciousness, vigor, strength, joy, and no illnesses and hardships of life will be terrible. In this case, the main thing is to form a habit, and for this it is enough to repeat the practice for 21 days in a row - and it will become habitual.

    The first contraindication is fanaticism. This is a contraindication to any practice. After learning about the benefits of dousing, you can immediately start dousing yourself with water, the temperature of which is close to zero, but this is not the best solution. No, tragedy, of course, will not happen. It is important to understand that dousing is not only an effect on the physical body, but also an effect on energy. Our energy body also reacts to stressful situations, and the flow of energy in the body increases significantly. What happens then? The cleansing process!

    A cold is a cleansing process. Hypothermia leads to the fact that the body uses reserve energy reserves, and along the way, the cleansing process starts, which is manifested by a runny nose and similar symptoms. And here the question is not what is possible and what is not, but whether you and your body are ready for the cleansing process. Starting too abruptly in hardening can trigger strong refining processes. And here you should pay attention to your nutrition. If it happens according to the principle "everything is useful that got into the mouth", then the cleansing process may be too violent and not very pleasant, in other words, it will be a cold.

    It should be noted that hardening can be not only cold, but also heat. Naturopathic physician Mikhail Sovetov recommends (if it is still too difficult physically and psychologically) to start with hardening, paradoxically, with hot water. And only then move on to the contrasting soul. By the way, hardening is more effective in the format of a contrast shower - a quick change of hot and cold water, but we will talk about this later.

    Also, an existing disease may be a contraindication. Again, no tragedy will happen if you start to pour out with a cold. It is just important to understand that a runny nose (which is a cleansing process) can become stronger, that is, the cleansing process is further activated. Are you ready for this? You decide.

    Questions often arise regarding dousing in winter. In summer, this process is less painful, but in winter discomfort may arise, however, more at the level of the mind, not the body. There is a fear of getting sick, catching a cold, and so on. But, as mentioned above, a cold is just a process of cleansing and, by and large, one of the goals of pouring over is to start cleansing processes in the body. If you are not yet ready for this, perhaps for the winter period it is worth refusing to douche, or to make the contrast between the temperatures less - pouring one by one with not too hot and not too cold water.

    It is also recommended not to go outside immediately after the douche process. But this is rather true for the body, which requires cleansing. If the body is already cleansed, temperature changes (within reason) are not terrible for it.

    This is a demo version of cold water dousing. If the body or psyche (usually the second) is not yet ready for such stress, you can start pouring cold water on your feet. It will also have a positive effect on the state of the body.

    Walking barefoot in the snow will bring about the same effect. The activation of the immune system, improvement of metabolism, activation of blood circulation and lymph flow are provided. And the launch of the processes of cleansing the body, of course. But at the initial stage, please, no fanaticism.

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