Men's haircuts 2021: current photos of haircuts for short, medium and long hair

Whether you are looking for a new hairstyle or want a stylish men's haircut to change your image, then you will love our photo selection of the best haircuts for men of 2021. Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, there is a range of stunning haircuts and styles to suit all tastes, you are sure to find something for you.

Check out the latest trends in men's haircuts for 2021 for the latest haircut styles to match your hair type and length.

Name and photo of the most current men's haircuts 2021

The best men's haircuts in 2021 with photos for short, medium, and long hair:

Men's haircut undercut

Undercut haircut 2021 is an ultra-trendy haircut combined with a unique style. The popularity of this haircut is growing rapidly every day.

The most characteristic feature of the undercut is the contrast between the top and side of the hair, the length at the crown is kept, while the back of the head and temples are cut very short or shaved altogether. The haircut is great for men with a round face, also oval, square.

To maintain the shape of your undercut haircut, we recommend visiting your hairdresser every 2 weeks.

Men's haircut undercut

Photo of male haircuts undercutPhoto of male haircuts undercutPhoto of male haircuts undercut

Stylish men's haircut Canadian

The Canadian combines classic and modern styles. The 2021 Canadian haircut has many options, depending on the length of the hair, although it also applies to short haircuts.

The hairdresser cuts the hair using the oblique cut method, downward, the strands should be getting smaller, and the transition should be smooth and invisible. In the occipital and temporal regions, the strands are significantly shorter. The transition to long strands begins at the crown, and the transition from the frontal part to the ears should be smooth and inconspicuous.

Haircut CanadianHaircut CanadianHaircut CanadianHaircut Canadian

Men's haircut British

The British are a versatile men's haircut that suits almost every man. In the temporal region and at the back of the head, it is important to create smooth transitions in the length of the hair. The bangs are usually laid on the side, and the emphasis is on reducing the length of the strands, it is the length that dictates how the hairstyle will look.

This haircut is ideal for men with fine hair or receding patches, it hides these weak points in the hair and enhances your appearance. Also, owners of thick hair can safely choose this haircut, thanks to thinning.

Men's haircut BritishMen's haircut BritishMen's haircut BritishMen's haircut British

Courageous military haircut

A military haircut is called a military haircut because it is used in the army. The military opens the face and emphasizes the shape of the skull, therefore, if you have a relief skull, then it is better to refuse this haircut. The military haircut became widespread among men after the first manual hair clippers began to be used.

The military is a haircut that brings a fresh, clean, and sexy look for the 2021 season.

Courageous military haircutCourageous military haircutCourageous military haircut

Haircut boxing

The boxing haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles among all short haircuts for men. Boxing is cut very short, especially the back of the head and temples, such a haircut does not require styling and it is enough to adjust it once a month.

The boxing haircut in 2021 does not lose its relevance, so you can safely choose this haircut for short hair.

Haircut boxingHaircut boxingHaircut boxingHaircut boxing

Half-box haircut

When it comes to short haircuts, the first thing that comes to mind is a half box haircut. This is an extremely classic men's haircut that requires no styling and looks very stylish.

In a half-box haircut, there should be a smooth transition from short hair to long hair, the temporo-occipital part is cut very short and there is also a clear edging line of the haircut. Scissors are usually used for the top of the head, while the back of the head and sides can be trimmed with a clipper.

Half-box haircutHalf-box haircutHalf-box haircut

Men's haircut caesar

The Caesar haircut is a short men's haircut with a layered bang cut. In the classic form of a Caesar haircut, all hair on the head is almost the same length. Thus, the haircut has an even, neat and stylish look. Also, all hair is cut in layers. In the classic version, the bangs are cut short, while in the modern versions, the bangs can be of different lengths.

Men's haircut caesarMen's haircut caesarMen's haircut caesarMen's haircut caesar

Men's pompadour haircut

The pompadour haircut is a famous, timeless, and iconic hairstyle of all time. In most cases, this hairstyle is associated with Elvis Presley, who is the "king of rock and roll." When applying this hairstyle, hairdressers create something like a bump in the first place, using longer hair in the front at the crown of the head. After that, the sides and top are neatly combed back. In the more classic version, the sides are trimmed with a clipper. In the case of the modern pompadour, the sides of the hair are shaved off.

Men of any age can choose such a haircut. However, it is more common in teenage boys.

Haircut pompadourHaircut pompadourHaircut pompadourHaircut pompadourHaircut pompadour

Side part haircut

The side part haircut is one of the legendary short haircuts for men that have never lost popularity. In the version of this haircut for the 2021 season, the side sections of the hair are shortened with trendy cutting techniques, that is, they are made very short.

Unfortunately, you will need a lot of hair products to create a side-parted hairstyle, such as a hairdryer, wax, or pomade to give your hair texture, maybe even hairspray.

Side part haircutSide part haircutSide part haircutSide part haircutSide part haircutSide part haircutSide part haircut

Men's Styling Top Knot

Top Knot is a haircut for long hair, or rather, it is styling in the form of a bun.

The bun is created by tying the top of the hair, and it is positioned high over the head. Also, the side hair can be trimmed or shaved off. We can say that the male bun is mainly used together with current haircuts in a modern style: undercut, cascade, multi-layered long haircuts.

You can make a man's bun hairstyle thanks to the ponytail, even if your hair is not too long, for example, based on an undercut haircut. This is one of the biggest benefits of the top beam.

Men's styling Top KnotMen's styling Top KnotMen's styling Top KnotMen's styling Top Knot

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