How to choose a haircut and hairstyle for a man according to his face shape and hair structure

How to choose a haircut and hairstyle for a man according to his face shape and hair structure

A stylish image of a man who looks after himself is unthinkable without a good haircut and hairstyle. Going to a hairdresser, any good stylist can easily advise which haircut suits you best. He does this based on experience, relying on the shape of the face and the structure of your hair. But what if there is no way to pay for a stylist, and being an experiment in the hands of a hairdresser is too risky?

Today we will look at classic hairstyles for men, as well as find out how to choose a haircut according to the shape of the face and hair structure.

Few people do hairstyles like what we see in magazines or photos of fashion shows. A group of professionals worked on the model, who for 1-2 hours worked with their hair whatever they could think of. In my opinion, a man's haircut and hairstyle should be suitable for work, walking or dating 24 hours, 7 days a week. The hairstyle should be simple, and take 2-3 minutes in the morning, and not 30-40, like with girls. I think you will agree with me.

The topic is very voluminous. There are entire magazines, communities and websites dedicated to just one topic - haircuts and hair styles. We don't have to go into details and publish 50 new hairstyles for the spring / summer 2015 season. Therefore, I will try to briefly and easily highlight the main thing. 

The first thing to do is to decide on your face shape. Go to the mirror, remove your hair if you have bangs, and define the shape. The main forms of a man's face: round, oval, square, heart-shaped, triangular or rhomboid. Next, we will analyze each face shape separately.

An oval face shape is considered ideal. For this type of face, short classic haircuts are suitable: short on the sides and slightly longer on top, or simply tucked away hair on one side. The goal is to pull the hair back, not on the forehead, in order to avoid the roundness of your face. Creating corners and volume at the crown can sharpen the face a little. I would even add that the male bun looks great with an oval face. Also with long hair, at least in theory.

For an oval face type, haircuts such as:

  • Undercut, aka "British".
  • With bangs combed back if hair is long. Haircut "Canadian".
  • Haircuts with bangs.
  • Haircuts "Boxing" or "Half-boxing".


With a round face, you have to create the illusion of height and angles. Hair should be short on the sides and longer on top to indicate height and length. A messy top hairstyle is your choice.

Always create asymmetry for a more angular face shape. Round-faced men may wear long hair, but they will have to wear it piled to one side and trimmed in levels. It should contrast with the roundness of the face. Avoid short haircuts and bangs as they lead to a more round face.

For a round face, haircuts such as:

  • Undercut, aka "British".
  • Haircut "Canadian".
  • Haircut Quiff (quiff) - a kind of mohawk.

You're in luck if you have a square face shape. You can experiment with any hairstyle, both with more classic styles (look at Hollywood actor Cary Grant's side-swept hairstyle) or vice versa with long hair. Bangs and short hair on the sides on a square face looks great and is a haute couture feature.

For a square type of face, haircuts such as:

  • Classic, out of fashion 50s-60s.
  • A slicked back hairstyle perfect for all occasions (office or party).
  • Messy, tousled hairstyle (great for curly hair).
  • Short hair, aka "Hedgehog".

A triangular face looks better with a haircut that is shorter on the side, more voluminous on the crown. For example, take a look at actor Jude Law's hairstyle. Short haircuts look better with triangular face shapes. The bangs will look great, the hair pulled to the side too. Also short hair on the sides may be acceptable for this face shape.

For a triangular face type, haircuts such as:

  • Undercut, aka "British".
  • With bangs combed back. Haircut "Canadian".
  • Haircut Quiff (quiff).
  • Haircuts with bangs and comb on the right or left side.

The heart-shaped face is very similar to the triangular shape. The only difference is the sharpness of the chin and the width of the cheekbones.

As a rule, all hairstyles with long hair are suitable for this face shape; Short hairstyles should emphasize the width of the forehead.

For a heart-shaped face, haircuts such as:

  • With bangs combed back. Haircut "Canadian".
  • Haircuts with bangs and comb on the right or left side.
  • Undercut, aka "British".

Figuring out the shape of your face may not be enough in finding the right haircut. It is necessary to make an amendment for the hair structure.

Curly hair looks good with most haircuts because of the volume and movement. And if you want to wear it long, then it will probably look amazing, although personally I'm not a fan of long hair on men. But, to each his own.

Straight hair, if oily, then they can hang "icicles". To avoid this, do not comb them back, unless, of course, you have not stacked them for hours and have not tamed them to lie perfectly. Use more conditioner to soften and style.

Thin straight hair looks best with a simple, short, classic haircut. Your choice is "British" or "Hedgehog".

Curly hair will look great, like a more chaotic version of the Undercut, or like a long haircut. Add just a little tousled accent. Pay attention to Adrian Grenier, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp; what haircuts they do. For classic options, see Justin Timberlake or James Franco.

Use styling products to keep your hair in hold, shine to your hair, and of course protect it from the harmful effects of the environment.

For those who are losing hair or have receding hairline, it is recommended to grow hair up top and arrange it in a messy fashion. This will create the illusion of more hair. For example, Jude Law has a receding hairline, but that doesn't stop him from looking stylish.

Jude Law
Jude Law

The more desperate could just go and get a Jason Statham haircut and it looks cool. Haircut "Box" or even "Hedgehog" - as a last resort.

Another option is to bring a photo of the look you would like to emulate and show it to the hairdresser / stylist. He may not recreate the image exactly as in the photo, but he will remember and adapt it to your face shape and hair structure.

With a shiny and well-chosen haircut, you will evoke gazes and smiles on the opposite sex. The power of a good haircut gives a man style and incredible confidence. She makes a man out of a boy. Even with mediocre clothes, but with a good haircut, you will be much better received.

However, wear what you personally like. Don't accept rules if they seem absurd to you. Individuality and cohesive style are something that even the best hairdresser cannot help with. As a last resort, the hair will grow back in a very short period of time. Haircut and hair style is just a fun game with fashion and looks.

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