Shani Dev Quotes | Shani Maharaj Quotes - God of justice & retribution

Shani Dev Quotes - God of justice and retribution (Quotes from the TV series "Shani Dev")

Destiny is based on our deeds. It is wrong to accept what is intended without making your own effort. As long as there is life in the body, hope cannot be lost. As long as there is hope in the heart, there is no need to stop efforts. If the goal is pure and the actions are correct, then fate will have to change its path. - Shani Dev

When efforts are unsuccessful, we get frustrated. However, if efforts stop, then life becomes meaningless. - Shani Dev

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Asking for forgiveness means not repeating the mistake again. - Shani Dev

Everything that happens in the world happens for a reason. Fate will not change from useless worry. If our actions are good, then our bad times will become good. - Shani Dev

Arrogance and arrogance are those vines that, if not stopped in time, will fill the entire garden. It is necessary to destroy arrogance. - Shani Dev

When a person thinks badly of someone or commits a bad deed to hurt him, then he creates suffering not for another, but for himself. An individual receives the fruits of his actions during his lifetime. - Shani Dev

In a person's life, actions are of great importance. For what purpose a person commits an act, he receives exactly the same fruit. Labor and pure feelings always bear the best results. - Shani Dev

Birth is not in the power of the personality, but the personality can control the actions. The essence of a person is determined not by her birth, but by her actions. - Shani Dev

There is a difference between stubbornness and tenacity. Where persistence shows the way, there stubbornness weakens the personality. If, after constant attempts, the person does not reach the goal and returns to the beginning, then this means that either the goal is wrong, or the path is wrong. - Shani Dev

When a person feels that he is in everyone's sight, then he shows himself from the best side. But when she perfectly understands that no one sees her, she shows her real nature. - Shani Dev

When arrogance grows, then well-being disappears, and when the body and mind are working, well-being is sure to return. - Shani Dev

It is natural for any person to be afraid of the one doing justice. Shani teaches that a person who commits wrong deeds, who follows adharma, is afraid of justice, but one who does good deeds does not need to be afraid. - Shani Dev

The past, having turned into an opportunity, necessarily comes into the life of an individual, where she can correct her mistakes. And if the person does not repent and repeat his mistakes, then, undoubtedly, Shani will be punished. - Shani Dev

Affection is the biggest obstacle to debt. It is through attachment that the person goes astray. Shani teaches that it is wrong for any person to turn away from duty and follow attachment. - Shani Dev

By sowing acacia seeds, you cannot get mangoes. In the same way, a person who resorts to deception will never get happiness. Shani teaches that cheating is extremely dangerous for oneself. The person who sowed the seeds of deception will prick his foot on the spines that have grown. - Shani Dev

A mistake can be forgiven once, but from constant repetition it becomes a habit, and our habit becomes our destiny. - Shani Dev

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The very first step to get rid of flaws is to realize them in yourself. Realizing your flaws is the beginning of change. - Shani Dev

In whose mind is arrogance, in whose actions deception, whose feelings are saturated with bad intentions, such a person, even having achieved the goal, cannot receive it. The very life of such a person is covered with a curse. - Shani Dev

In the universe, balance is needed. If there was no darkness, the importance of light would not be understood. If there is no grief, then there is no enjoyment of happiness. To maintain this balance in life, individuals are given difficult tests. - Shani Dev

Do you remember, Mom? If I haven't done anything bad, then nothing bad will happen to me. When our actions are favorable, then there is no need to think about their consequences. - Shani Dev

Every person has some kind of weakness due to which he makes serious mistakes. There are six weaknesses that are the worst enemies of the individual: lust, anger, attachment, greed, arrogance, and envy. And lust got the first place among them, because it is it that is the biggest enemy, the biggest weakness. - Shani Dev

Rahu: “If we still reap the fruits, then what difference does it make which path we choose? For me, what I like is true. "
Shani: “Whoever you are, but you are very delusional, because what the mind likes is done for themselves. And what is right is done for the world " - Shani Dev

Self-awareness, knowledge, the ability to make choices can make us expect too much of ourselves. And when we fail, we feel like we are not worthy. Our consciousness is darkened and we do not see reality. Take off this pressure of expectation. And the truth will shine within you. Sometimes we do not receive answers to our questions, but then they are revealed on the way to our goal. - Shani Dev

A person is called Great when he does something more than the fulfillment of his duties and responsibilities. - Shani Dev

Destiny is based on our deeds. It is wrong to accept what is intended without making your own effort. As long as there is life in the body, hope cannot be lost. As long as there is hope in the heart, there is no need to stop efforts. If the goal is pure and the actions are correct, then fate will have to change its path. - Shani Dev

Every living being who is born on Earth will learn throughout his life through his deeds, his choices and the results of this. - Shani Dev

If our goal is worthy and efforts are tireless, then the Almighty Himself will show us the way. - Shani Dev

At the bottom of the sea there are not only pearls, but also mud. In the same way, gods and demons are within each of us. Demons or gods are not born, but become due to their actions. By giving up anger, greed and passion, even a demon can become a god. However, a god can also turn into a demon if he acquires demonic traits. - Shani maharaj

Everyone will face the consequences of their actions. Someone - right away, and someone - after a while. - Shani Maharaj

Each person, according to his wishes, determines what qualities he has, what actions he should do. According to this choice, a person either progresses in life or degrades. It is actions that determine the fate of a person. With their own will, people choose their own path. - Shani Maharaj

Life on Earth should be like a trip to Kailash. When traveling to Kailash, the main quality is not courage, but the choice that a person makes. It is important to clear your heart of bad qualities. For a person, of course, the main thing should be what choice he makes. Whether he will choose the qualities of gods or demons. And as a result, making a decision, they will create their karma. - Shani Maharaj

Every choice you make has consequences. Every action bears fruit. There is a price to pay for each result. Are you ready to fully accept them? - Shani Maharaj

A person always receives the fruits of his actions: punishment for the bad and reward for the good. Sometimes there are undoubtedly delays, but this is also a test. Therefore, do not be disappointed, believe in your good deeds, because Shani is never unfair. What thoughts, such actions, such are the fruits. - Shani Maharaj

When choosing, it is important what was chosen, but more importantly, what is the reason for this choice. At this time, our thoughts become our deeds, and our actions become our destiny. - Shani Maharaj

From now on, I will always be, no matter what problem I face, no matter what answer to a question I want to get, look for it inside myself. - Shani Maharaj

We can only be successful in a challenge when we view challenges as lessons. And that's when these obstacles become our weapons. - Shani Maharaj

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