How to cook broccoli - Tasty and Simple, Choose and Store, Recipes


How to cook broccoli

Broccoli is a juicy green kale that breaks all records in popularity today! Why broccoli is loved and appreciated is not difficult to guess. The product contains a huge amount of useful substances and has a beneficial effect on the state of the body. Green cabbage is considered a true dietary product that is useful during pregnancy, has a beneficial effect on weight loss and is allowed for the baby's diet as a complementary food for babies from the age of 5 months.

Despite the huge list of positive qualities, not everyone likes this cabbage. And it's not about taste. The reason lies in the fact that not everyone knows how to cook broccoli to make the dish tasty. Cooking broccoli is actually a simple matter. There are a lot of recipes. One has only to choose the options you like the most and try, try, try! And we will try to show you how to cook broccoli deliciously and without unnecessary hassle.

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What to cook with broccoli is tasty and simple

In fact, if you make friends with broccoli cabbage, the problem of making a healthy and tasty menu for you will not exist!

This product is very easy and simple to prepare. Broccoli can be fried, steamed, boiled, baked. And most importantly, this vegetable is quite acceptable to use without preliminary heat treatment. True, not everyone will like this option. A lightly steamed or roasted vegetable becomes softer, and the taste takes on very interesting notes. You don't need a lot of additional ingredients to prepare delicious green kale-based dishes. And the kitchen utensils need the simplest. You can cook broccoli quickly and tasty in a slow cooker, a saucepan, a frying pan, in an oven, a double boiler, or on a grill. You can cut the inflorescences raw and season them with lemon or lime juice - this will also work out well.


Broccoli is in harmony with the following foods:

  • potatoes and sweet potatoes;

  • celery and carrots;

  • almost any greenery;

  • lettuce leaves of any varieties;

  • cauliflower;

  • green beans;

  • rice and buckwheat;

  • sunflower, olive oil;

  • green onions, turnip, leek;

  • garlic;

  • flour and products based on it;

  • yoghurts, sour cream, fermented milk products;

  • cheese.

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When preparing this cabbage, you can use any of your favorite spices. It can be combined or consumed as an independent dish. It all depends on imagination, situation and personal preference.


There are some tips to help you make your broccoli really tasty.

  • In most cases, you don't need to cut the cabbage. It is enough to disassemble it into inflorescences, which are very small.

  • If you want to taste the cabbage raw, you should thoroughly pour over it with boiling water. This will make it softer and tastier. At the same time, all vitamins will retain their qualities, and the aroma will appear brighter.

  • Do not expose the product to too long heat treatment. This is not required in the case of broccoli. Usually a vegetable is cooked in 20-30 minutes, fried for 5-10 minutes, baked for no more than 20 minutes, steamed for no longer than 25 minutes. Of course, if the recipe says otherwise, you should follow the selected cooking instructions.

  • Sometimes it is enough to add a drop of olive oil and fresh lime juice to broccoli and nothing else is needed. It will turn out to be an incredibly tasty dish.

  • You can cook cabbage for lunch or dinner. This product is also suitable for the holiday menu.

  • If you add a drop of olive oil or any other variant of vegetable fat to the inflorescences, and then fry the cabbage over high heat, gently stirring with the breading, you get a very satisfying and tasty version of the dish.

  • Soups made from this cabbage are tender, hearty and nutritious. Is it worth reminding you of the benefits of this food option?

  • So that the broccoli dish does not disappoint with its taste, you should not cook it for future use. This cabbage is prepared quite quickly. Therefore, it is not difficult to prepare a fresh meal just before serving.

  • Of course, for the preparation of tasty and healthy food, it is better to choose fresh products that have not undergone cold processing and conservation. However, you can also use frozen cabbage for cooking broccoli dishes. This option will not work only if you plan to taste a salad of raw vegetables. Here, a defrosted product can play a cruel joke.

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How to choose and store broccoli

If you want to enjoy a dish made from kale, you should choose a fresh product. Broccoli is not hard to find in the marketplace, grocery store or grocery store today. But, unfortunately, sometimes you can get on a low-quality vegetable, which pretty much spoils the impression of food.

So what do you need to know about this vegetable?

Fresh quality broccoli looks like this:

  • The fork consists of many curly velvety inflorescences.

  • When pressed on the surface of the inflorescences, the flesh falls through, friability, stickiness or moisture is not felt.

  • The aroma of cabbage is pleasant, fresh, barely perceptible.

  • The tops are green, evenly colored, without rotting.

  • The inflorescences have a juicy green tint.

  • Cabbage stalks are also deep green in color.

  • On the surface of the "curls" you can see small dull green hairs. This is normal.

  • The forks are resilient, do not fall apart.


In short, fresh ripe broccoli looks so eye-catching. Her appearance and aroma are appetizing, and nothing arouses suspicion. It is such a product that is worth buying for your kitchen.

The vegetable is stored for a long time. But he needs the cold. You can store cabbage in the refrigerator for up to 14 days. It is advisable to wrap it in cling film for greater safety. In the freezer, this product will last up to 12 months or more. Before sending broccoli to freeze, it is worth separating it into inflorescences and packing it in food bags or containers.

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Broccoli: recipes

There is a whole section with recipes on our website where you can find original instructions for cooking this cabbage. Here are some examples of broccoli recipes that can be prepared quickly, easily and deliciously!

Broccoli, broccoli soup

Broccoli puree soup

This soup is delicious and nutritious. It can be prepared not only for adults. Will delight the soup and kids.

To prepare 3-4 servings you will need:

  • broccoli - 1 medium fork;

  • carrots - 1 medium;

  • potatoes - 2 small tubers;

  • onion - small onion;

  • diced crackers - to taste;

  • parsley and dill to taste;

  • feta cheese - 100-200 grams.

Pour boiling water over the cabbage and disassemble into inflorescences. Peel and dice the carrots and potatoes. Peel the onion, but do not cut it. Place the vegetables in a saucepan and cover with water. Put on fire and boil. Remove cooked vegetables from heat. Discard the onion. And turn the rest into mashed potatoes with a blender. Serve the soup in deep bowls, garnish with herbs and add cubes of feta cheese and crackers.

This delicious dish will be appreciated by all homemade people! Do not even doubt that you will like it too.

broccoli smoothie


Green smoothie with broccoli, celery, cucumber

Smoothie is a healthy drink! The green smoothie is also delicious. This version of the drink is suitable during the dietary period (for weight loss). This drink fits perfectly into the healthy diet menu.

For 3-4 servings, take:

  • broccoli - ½ medium head;

  • celery - 1 medium stem;

  • cucumber - 1 medium;

  • fresh lime juice - 3-4 drops;

  • water - ½ glass.

Broccoli can be lightly boiled in salted water until soft. Disassemble the finished cabbage into inflorescences and cut off the thick stem. Dice the celery and cucumber. Put all ingredients in a blender bowl and add water mixed with lime juice. Use a blender to achieve the desired consistency. If the drink is too thick, you can add some more water. Serve in clear glasses, garnish with a sprig of mint.

This drink nourishes, refreshes and gives a feeling of fullness for a long time.

spaghetti with broccoli

Glass noodles with broccoli in cream

This original dish will go very well with your dinner. You can also try it for lunch.

To prepare 3-4 servings you need:

  • funchose (noodles or spaghetti) - 1 pack;

  • broccoli - 1 medium head;

  • olive oil - 3-4 drops;

  • soy milk, sour cream or creamy yogurt - ½ cup;

  • favorite spices to taste.

Prepare the noodles in the way indicated on the package. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and put broccoli, previously disassembled on the inflorescences, there. Fry over high heat. Reduce heat to low and place glass noodles in skillet. Gently mix the ingredients and pour over everything with yogurt (sour cream, soy milk). Let it sweat for literally 5 minutes. The finishing touch is spices. After adding the spices, the dish is ready!

This is a spicy dish that will delight connoisseurs of original cuisine. The simplicity of execution allows you to make this food option on duty.

Broccoli is a vegetable rich in healthy ingredients. It tastes good, nutritious and beautiful. Preparing any broccoli dish is quick and easy! Well, the pleasure of such food will be provided. It's nice to know that in the diet there are only natural products that bring benefits, strength and energy charge to the body!

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